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Web Design/Development

Web Design - Bring Your Site Alive

More and more people turn first to the Internet for news, information, shopping, and business information. It becomes ever more important that your website distinguish itself from the millions of other sites currently on the Web. You need a businesslike online presence that communicates who you are and what you do.

You need to show the world what your business has to offer and why a client should choose you! LBT's Web design staff have the experience to establish a high-quality Internet presence for you or, if you prefer, we will work with your existing creative suppliers to ally their design experience, and knowledge of your creative needs, to our technical expertise.

Website Content Management - Take Control

Commissioning a web site simply gets you started.

It means that you are there on the Internet, to be seen by clients and potential clients. A website can say much more about you than brochures ever can. However, if your website is to be more than simply vanity, you have to find ways of encouraging people to visit your site again and again. Only with multiple visits will some sort of "relationship" develop, and it is relationships that make sales for the long term.

Why would anyone visit your site a second time? - The answer is CONTENT!

Content is what drives people to visit your site again and again. For it to be compelling enough to make someone visit a second time your website has to have content that “pulls” people in, and grabs their interest. Content that changes and is updated regularly. Content that "pays" them to visit your site. How do you meet this need? You need help with CONTENT MANAGEMENT.

Your staff (or contracted information provider) need a tool to enable ordinary, non-technical staff to update and change the content of "their" parts of the website. LBT can build your website with the appropriate level of content management from purpose designed pages, through “open source” packages, to a full Content Management package for business such as our LBT Web Portal™ application.

Active Websites

An "Active Website" accomplishes some sort of a transactional purpose for the person using your website. A "standard" e-Commerce site, where you can order and pay for products or services, is an active website.

However, many sorts of "transactional" logic can be exported from your internal systems to be shared with or exposed to your clients. For example, enabling a client not only to place an order (perhaps giving him the opportunity to "see" previous orders), but also allowing him to log in securely and to see how far the order has progressed. Providing sales executives or delivery drivers with call lists, could also provide an active (and interactive) website.

Essentially, an active website integrates with your internal systems enabling the reduction of repetitive tasks and the faster circulation of information and knowledge.


Application Development

Try as we might, on some occasions it is just not possible to fit into a package solution. Put another way, sometimes what you do differently is precisely what differentiates you from your competitors. It could even be the thing that makes dealing with you the deciding factor.

So the things that differentiate us may well be worth the bulk of our investment, precisely to enhance that competitive difference. In this case, a bespoke or custom development may be the only solution to automating a key competitive process.

Using the latest, more efficient, database technologies and development tools bespoke development is no longer necessarily the higher cost investment that it once was.

LBT work on a variety of projects, many in the Banking and Financial sector, and many around CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and customer service solutions.

Associate™ CRM

Associate™ CRM

Associate works at the heart of your administration systems. It maintains all your contacts; customers, prospective customers, suppliers, and other business partners in a secure, multi-user, SQL Server database.

As well as providing an efficient means of recording all the transactions and interactions between you and them, Associate is your electronic store of scanned documents, eMails, and important files. At the same time, typically, interacting with Microsoft Office applications and often linking to other applications, such as your accounting system.

Associate exists in both “on-premises” and web-hosted forms. In the latter case it can be provided on Microsoft’s “Cloud” Service.



A modern telephone switch should not only provide you with all of those features which help to make your use of the system better, but should also be capable of handling the technical requirements of tomorrow's digital telephony transmission.

LBT supply and install Swyx telephone systems which integrate with your typical office network.

Used in conjunction with broadband VPN's your "homeworkers", managers, even overseas locations can be a free "internal" call on your switchboard.

Best of all the Swyx system integrates well with your personal computer network, uses the same cable and connectors, and provides dial-in and dial-out capabilities to the IT system.

Networking & Broadband

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line ("ADSL") is a low cost, "always on", "broadband" Internet connection service that is now available throughout the UK. A “normal” telephone service to a home or business can be converted to provide a fast Internet connection that is always connected to the Internet at a very competitive price, making it the service of choice for small to medium businesses.

ADSL can compete favourably in performance with a leased line, but does not have the reliability or service level guarantees of leased lines. LBT can work with you to provide you with ADSL or alternative data connections, as well as manage the installation and integration to your network.

In appropriate circumstances we can also interconnect you with other offices and/or individuals similarly provisioned in a VPN (Virtual Private Network).


Unless you employ your own I.T. specialists (and often, even if you do) you will need ongoing technical assistance.

Our Software Engineers have decades of wide experience through dealing with the problems of a range of clients, on a range of I.T. systems. We provide support services, primarily via electronic access to your systems, for a convenient monthly charge.

Web Hosting & Management

Web hosting connects your Web site to the Global Internet so it's information can be viewed from anywhere on the planet using a personal computer. We can provide for a range of needs from simple co-hosting, where your website shares space on a server in the premises of an ISP, through a range of dedicated server hosting packages, to the setup of an in-house server connected to the Internet via an "always on" telecommunications service.

However, our particular speciality is the provision of "full service" e-business sites where we monitor the performance, provide backup security, and ensure that the site is available to users.

We will implement the most appropriate solution for your particular needs, but only after explaining why our proposals are the most appropriate to your own circumstances.