Who has worked with us?

First Mile

First Mile wanted to make it easier and more cost effective for customers to use its service and needed a Web-hosted system fully integrated from order placing to service delivery.

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RAD Magazine

RAD Magazine, a successful magazine aimed at Radiologists, wanted to take their publication online in an easy to manage way that would allow users to not only access the latest information but also to interact with other RAD Magazine subscribers.

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Kingfisher Environmental Services Ltd wanted a CRM system to help manage the service delivery to their rapdily growing client base.

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The LPMCL are the “clearing” organisation for precious metal dealing for the whole world and are based in London, the centre for such trading. They needed a way of linking together the precious metal bankers to match transactions/deals. They needed to do it in such a fashion that no bank could see anything other than their counterparty bank, and to do it with absolute security.
LBT built an application that is hosted on the Internet and which connects to each bank via a secure link to collect transactions which it then matches to the counterparty bank’s transactions and send the results back to both banks. It runs 24 x 7, unattended, other than via an on line link.

Unfortunately we cannot say more about this innovative solution.