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How do LBT fit your business cycle?

Attract clients

Customer service starts at the "gates" of your business and has to do with how you obtain enquiries and turn those enquiries into business.

Your approach to potential clients involves how you present your "proposition” to support sales efforts (using Website, eMail shots, and good old fashioned mail shots).

Bear in mind that increasingly people turn first to the Web when they are thinking about dealing with you.

LBT do websites, especially "active" sites, and eMail and web hosting solutions.

Web Design
Website Content Management
Active Websites

Open communication

If your sales and marketing efforts result in prospective clients calling you, then how you receive 'phone enquiries (modern telephony), or email enquiries, and how efficiently you turn them around is key to further success.

These days, any of your staff should be able to accept and send faxes and email, even text messages, electronically - without leaving their desk. Similarly, a modern telephone system should integrate with your corporate email such that voicemail messages, left because you are absent or busy, arrive in your email wherever you are.

LBT can supply modern telephone systems and integrated messaging systems (email and voicemail to the desk).

Networking & Broadband

Dealing with concerns

Once you have those enquiries, how you handle them can be made open and efficient with a customer relationship management ("CRM") application.

Logging calls, so that callers do not have to repeat themselves, or call again, in order to get service.

Recording responses, and automating service, so as to "turn around" client enquiries in optimum time, leaving an open "audit trail" so that others in the business can see what has taken place and share in the process.

LBT's "Associate™" CRM application runs on Windows networks and across the Internet and can be configured to suit a wide range of needs.

Associate CRM


Of course it doesn't end there. Your CRM and email systems, and your web service, should be geared to keeping those "hard won" clients happy and informed, using efficient "back office" processes, so that they return to you again, and again, and again.

Our Associate™ CRM system will help to manage all the information relating to calls and responses. Because after all… "what gets measured gets done!"

Associate CRM

Using E-Business

eBusiness processes can strip more labour out of the cycle. Integrating website applications with back office systems is something in which LBT excel.

Active websites that interact with CRM, financial accounts, order processing systems, and so on can enhance your client's experience of dealing with you, adding value to the relationship and cutting cost from the process.

Active Websites